Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony is a lovely tradition which symbolises the joining of the couple and the two families.

The Unity Candle Ceremony symbolises, two lives becoming one.

There are a number of variances to the candle ceremony and it can be customised to your unique relationship.

Usually, two small candles burn throughout the ceremony, they symbolise the Bride and Groom. A third larger candle remains unlit during the ceremony, symbolising their life as one. Once the Bride and Groom have exchanged vows and rings, they move to the burning candles. Each takes a burning candle and together they light the third candle, symbolizing their desire to put their relationship centre and foremost, two becoming one.

The two smaller candles: The mothers of the Bride and Groom can light these candles, signifying that they are the persons that gave them light and love.

The Best Man and Maid of Honour can light the small candles. These two people represent the friends and family of the bride and groom. The people who have in one way or another prepared the Bride and Groom for each other.

It can also mean the uniting of the Bride and Groom, friends and family, especially when the parents of the bride and groom are no longer living or are not able to attend.

Blowing out of smaller candles: The Bride and Groom can choose to blow out the smaller candles, or leave them burning, to blow them out signifies two individuals united as one and promising to place the needs of the ?one? over individual needs. On the other hand, to not blow out these candles symbolizes two people remaining individuals, but committed to their union as one.

A sample of the vows for a Unity Candle Ceremony:

Bride & Groom before you exchange your rings, I ask that you perform a ritual which you will forever hold in your memory. Your marriage to each other means something very special. You are two loving people who are now joining as one & whilst each of your individual lives are important, your joined lives will fulfill each of your heart’s desire.

This is a magical moment which represents the present & I now ask each of you to light the candles I hand to you. You will then exchange these candles signifying to each other that you are placing your lives in each other’s keeping.

Please extinguish these candles which now brings to an end of your single lives & I request that you jointly light this new candle, the flame of which represents the special & mystical moment you become one. Even though the flame of this candle will be extinguished shortly, it will continue to burn brightly in your hearts.

Glenda was so warm and kind & listened to what we wanted to do. I feel we knew Glenda on a personal level & that was great. To us Glenda wasn’t a Celebrant, we felt like we had known her for years. I will definitely recommend her to any friends or family. 
Krystal & Clinton English