Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is the celebration of the love between two people without any religious or legal implications. It is a very special time that creates beautiful memories for life in the presence of family & friends.

It is suitable for people who cannot legally be married or perhaps the couple were married overseas or interstate & family members or friends were not able to attend.

Some committed heterosexual couples have personal reasons for not having a formal marriage ceremony so having a commitment ceremony is
a beautiful & meaningful way of declaring their love to each other.

Include a rose ceremony. The exchange of a single rose to each other means your first gift to each other from this moment in time.

Same Sex Marriages

Although same sex marriages are currently illegal in Australia, many gay & lesbian couples still wish to make a public affirmation of their commitment to each other.

In the presence of family & friends the couple can pledge their love for one another.

This ceremony is similar to a wedding ceremony but is no way legally binding. The ceremony can be as formal or as informal as you want.

We will work together to create your ceremony, the way you want it to be, personal, warm, friendly, funny & loving.

A handfasting ceremony is a nice inclusion to the ceremony as it shows the binding nature the couple have for each other.

Today is the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

Glenda was so warm and kind & listened to what we wanted to do. I feel we knew Glenda on a personal level & that was great. To us Glenda wasn’t a Celebrant, we felt like we had known her for years. I will definitely recommend her to any friends or family. 
Krystal & Clinton English