Renewal Of Vows


A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is one which an already married couple re-affirms their love & commitment to each other before their family & friends.

This may be celebrated on the occasion of a special anniversary, a birthday or any time of year. Maybe the couple were married overseas or interstate when family & friends could not attend or maybe the couple are being re-united after a separation.

This ceremony is about the past years together as husband & wife & about their future, their hopes & aspirations. It’s about the love they have for each other & the journey that they have travelled so far & about the journey they have yet to make together.

A renewal of vows ceremony is like a wedding ceremony without the legal obligations. Readings & poems may be included as well as the consent & the exchanging of rings. Personal vows may be added or the original vows said from your wedding ceremony.

It is a nice touch to have a “warming of the rings” as the ceremony is taking place. The rings are placed in a small bag & passed around & as each of your guests touch them, they make a wish for the both of you.

I will make your ceremony special, personal & memorable. I will create your ceremony the way you want it & I will walk you down memory lane reliving the wonderful years you both have had together.

A sand ceremony is a wonderful inclusion. The foundation of this marriage is love & family. Invite family members to participate in the pouring of the sands with you.

The whole event is a celebration!

Glenda was so warm and kind & listened to what we wanted to do. I feel we knew Glenda on a personal level & that was great. To us Glenda wasn’t a Celebrant, we felt like we had known her for years. I will definitely recommend her to any friends or family. 
Krystal & Clinton English