Ring Warming

This is a lovely ritual that can be performed as part of the whole Wedding Ceremony.

The wedding rings are placed in a small taffeta bag and are passed to the mothers so they can symbolically become part of the unity between the bride and groom by blessing and warming their rings.

The mothers cup the rings in their hands, warm them with love and energy and silently give personal good wishes, prayer or blessing upon them.

The warming of the rings can involve all the guests in which case the warming shall start at the beginning of the ceremony, just after the introduction and welcome. The rings will be returned to the best man just before the Ring ceremony.

When the rings are returned for the Ring ceremony they will contain in their precious metal, the priceless gift of the expressions of love, hope and support for the bride and groom.

Glenda was so warm and kind & listened to what we wanted to do. I feel we knew Glenda on a personal level & that was great. To us Glenda wasn’t a Celebrant, we felt like we had known her for years. I will definitely recommend her to any friends or family. 
Krystal & Clinton English