Wine Ceremony

The wine sharing ceremony is a delightful ceremony embracing traditions that began well before the medieval period. Then, a bride and groom would celebrate their pledge to each other by drinking wine from a single cup ? one blood, one family and one kin.The Wine Ceremony symbolises that the couple, from this day forward drink from the same cup. What happens to one happens to the other, for better or worse.

I can show you how to include an alternative ritual using coloured water.  This is most suitable for younger children.

I can help you add the finishing touches with some brilliant, original ideas – just ask!

A sample of the vows at a Wine Ceremony:

Bride and Groom, This cup is a sign of your unity. Although you are two distinct persons, both respecting the equal dignity of the other, you have chosen to unite your lives and to seek you happiness together.

You drink from the same cup to be reminded that you will share pain & pleasure, struggle and hope or the years of life are as a cup of wine poured out for you to drink. The cup of life contains within it, the sweet wine of happiness, joy, hope and delight. The same cup, at times, holds the bitter wine of disappointment, sorrow, grief & despair. Those who drink deeply of life invites the full range of experiences into their being.

This cup is symbolic of the pledges you have to make to one another to share together the fullness of life. As you drink from this cup, you acknowledge to one another that your lives, until this moment separate, have become one vessel into which all your sorrows & joys, all your hopes & fears, all your dreams & dreads, will be poured, & from which you will find mutual sustenance. Many days you will sit at the same table & eat & drink together.

Drink now, & may the cup of your lives be sweet full to overflowing.

Glenda was so warm and kind & listened to what we wanted to do. I feel we knew Glenda on a personal level & that was great. To us Glenda wasn’t a Celebrant, we felt like we had known her for years. I will definitely recommend her to any friends or family. 
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